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All websites we build are handcrafted, unique and in line with your business needs,
we handle everything from Graphics to Web Hosting, Email setup & configuration, Domain Names, System Integration.
We are truly a one stop web design hosting provider.

Our guarantee to you is We Care!


Some Websites do not comply with the WC3 Web Standards.
Some Web Developers are not even aware that they exist?
Or place this chore in the too hard basket.
There is a lot more involved than just getting a HTML editor and then uploading your site to the Internet.
To conform to these standards the site must undergo rigorous testing.

We will make a work of Art and Craft your Graphics.
We hand-craft your Graphics and design you a state of the Art Website.

We Get You Listed
Once you have a beautiful web site, how do you get people to visit it?

We Submit your site to search engines and to yardtech.com.au directories around the web.

See who is visiting
If you want to see where your visitors are coming from, you can just look at the server logs if you have access to them, or you can add a web counter to keep track.

Lots more to add:
There are a lot of other ways to improve your site. Use your own ideas of things you can add to you web site.


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We will design your Graphics
We will work with you all the way, we actually encourage your valued input and welcome your thoughts.



From cart to basket

Things you need consider for your home page

» Write about yourself - Many times when viewing a page visitors will want to know who created the content they're reading. You can include a little information about yourself and why you created the site.

» Include contact info  - It is a good practice to get in the habit of to have a clearly visible way for a visitor to contact you.

That way if they have a question they won't have to scour the site just to find it.

» Keep the pages small - Even though you may have a high speed connection there are lots of people who are still dialling up to access the internet. Be considerate of the low speed users and it will make the page load even faster for those that do have a better connection. (This page takes 20 seconds over 56k modem)

» When was this updated? - It makes a different when content was written and on the web things change quickly. Giving a visitor an easy way to tell when you last updated the content is very helpful.

>> Have your site professionally hand crafted - this website has a flash side links bar .. it couldn't pass any Internet test .. we changed certain coding to make it pass the tests .. let us test your site and give you an idea .. free of charge .. read below why this is an important step

** We fully recognize that IE is behind the game today in CSS support. We’ve dug through the Acid 2 Test and analyzed IE’s problems with the test in some great detail, and we’ve made sure the bugs and features are on our list - however, there are some fairly large and difficult features to implement, and they will not all sort to the top of the stack in IE7. I believe we are doing a much better service to web developers out there in IE7 by fixing our known bang-your-head-on-the-desk bugs and usability problems first, and prioritizing the most commonly-requested features based on all the feedback we've had.

** actual feedback on Internet Explorer Blog (Link will open in new window)

** article written by - Chris Wilson

Published Friday, July 29, 2005 8:22 PM by ieblog
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*** The above quote make's it more important to have your website managed by the right people .. to make sure the right people get the right information at the right time .. hence the term technology .. keeping up with the times.

*** John Yardley




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