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Thank you for visiting our site, we love a challenge.

And not much beats us!


As you've probably already noticed, there's a lot involved in building a website.

Countless decisions and plenty of preparations must be made in order for this project to be a success.

You may have initially felt that choosing the perfect site - a challenging task in and of itself - was your biggest step; in reality, that was just the beginning to making your site come true.

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From the onset it will all depend on the content and features that you decide upon.

We envisage that this process should take between 1 and 2 weeks.

We will start on the design and development almost immediately or will give you a finish date within a few days.

We treat your site as if it was our own and do all we can to have it in a fit state in a few days.

As with any system, development there are processes that need to be followed.

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If, for instance you sell goods on-line, we will have to Register the Domain name, build the Shop and then fill it with your products, then we will have to arrange where you wish for the funds to go and then implement the process.

This alone takes time as we need to systematically check and recheck the functionality of the site.

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We keep in touch throughout the entire process, either via phone, fax or email.

All pictures and relevant site information should be available prior to the start of the development.

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