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General Info

Here are some specific things you really should do before you begin working with


Collect URLs of sites that you like and don't like.


Look at your competitors' sites as well as sites outside your industry.


Try to figure out what specifically makes you like or dislike each site.

(This is your presence to the World, a reflection of your company, don't just buy of the shelf, have it handmade)


This will be a big help when we begin the design process.


Make a list of every single thing you might possibly want on your web site - just list them, in no particular order, and be as thorough as possible. (No point building a garage for a Mini Minor if you are planning a large family if it is a long walk from the footpath)


Try to think of things that you don't have right now but know you might want in the future.


Collect all of your existing content, marketing materials, graphics, and photographs.


If you have all of these things assembled, it will save time for the designer - and that saves you money!


Please feel free to contact us for any other task that you may be considering.


We are only to happy to quote on any job large or small


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Trial & Error

We do all the testing prior to releasing our work so as not to embarrass even yourself or us.


We pride ourselves on the outcome that will be produced

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Miscellaneous Info

We can do any look that you desire or if you have an idea, let us know.


We will build your site for free if your organisation is Non Profit.


You will not beat that.


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Yardtech for ideas

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