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Why is website maintenance important?

  • Keeping your website content fresh keeps visitors wanting to return.

  • Avoids publishing inaccurate or misleading information.

  • Allows you to fine tune your website's performance.

  • Protects and leverages your existing investment

The maintenance and updating of your site is a vital part in its continued success.

You want your website visitors to keep coming back, you want to make sure your product information is accurate and you need to know your website promotion is hitting the right spot.

You keep your new car serviced and polished, properly maintaining and updating your site is about protecting your investment.

Outsourcing your website design services to yardtech.com.au  gives you a team of experts at your disposal.

You can rest easy knowing that your site updating is in experienced hands.

Contracting us for your updates gives you access to skilled services including:

  • Webpage updates

  • Website analysis

  • Graphic design

  • Flash animation design

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Online Product Marketing

  • Programming Updates

  • Copywriters


Why should you outsource your web design services to us?

  • Using our skilled staff assures you that the work will be high quality
  • Updating your website is as easy as sending an email.
  • We ensure that any additions to your website are consistent in style and texture.
  • All changes are uploaded to our server for you to preview and approve before going live.
  • All updating is optimised to improve Search Engine Rankings.
  • New images are compressed to keep page loading times down.
  • Our constant involvement with your website & web technology helps us to to identify the many new opportunities for your business.

Why a small business owner should,

Your website can be one of the most cost effective vehicles for advertising, customer support and direct sales.

A successful site is always well planned and maintained.

We understand that often a small business owner does not have the resources to employ a full time web designer.

You might also have large constraints on your available time but know that the site needs to be up to date.

This is where our website maintenance solutions for Small Business's come in.

We provide plans that provide website updating and maintenance at a reduced hourly rate.

The hours included in each plan can be used in many ways to improve your website including:

  • Creation of new 
  • Updating web pages, news,  links pages
  • Flash animated designs
  • Improving Search Engine Placement
  • Updating Product Information
  • Updating price lists
  • Reviewing your market position and advising new options for strategies.


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