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This site is designed with low speed internet in mind.


This page for interest takes

20 seconds to load @ 56k!


Interesting don't you think


General Info

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Take a few minutes to read this page. it will save both Money and Frustration.


This entire site was hand crafted in-house, from the Coding to the Graphics, to the Navigation structure and links, it has been a work in progress for a few years and as it is a system it will never stop!


Graphics will enhance your site but remember the larger the graphic or pictures the larger the download time.


Graphic arts play an essential role in marketing around the world today. In the ever-competitive environment in which we live and work, advertising, marketing and creativity are essential in order to stand apart from the crowd.


This page for instance takes 20 seconds to load over a 56k modem.

nice and easy


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Graphic Info

Graphics are important, but they should be used to decorate your pages, not dominate them.


If there is a large graphic that you think your customers should see, display a thumbnail of the graphic that links to the larger, more detailed graphic.


Give your customers an option, forcing them to wait may force them to leave


Graphics can be both soothing & easy on the eye.

Incorporating Graphics is a good idea, but keep it simple



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lovely textures

Simple but still stylish.

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Keep them Interested
Keep Visitors Interest With Content.


It's hard to place too much emphasis on page download time. Up to 1/3 of visitors may leave pages that take more than 8 seconds to load!

But once the page does load, make sure you give the visitors something valuable.


Visitors come to your site looking for information - and that means you need text on the page that's well-organized and easy to scan.

Without good content, visitors won't stay at your home page (or whatever page contains the preloading code) long enough for the images to download and get saved in the browser cache!

Good information, attractive images, and fast-loading pages will keep visitors at your site and give you a chance to turn them into repeat customers.

Not many web developers wish to share this with you. There care factor is very low!


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Something to Ponder!

" web graphic designs will help with all of your business designs!"


Most graphic designers will want to demonstrate their products on their systems.


They have the latest software and high speed connections to the Internet.


Just remember that a considerable portion of your potential customer base has older software and accesses the net through slower dial up modems. Insist on demonstrations that take these factors into consideration.


If possible, find a friend who dials into the Internet with a slower modem using software that is at least one year old.


Ask the designers to give you the web address of their demonstration and take your own look at their work under less than perfect conditions.


The end result could save you considerable time and money.

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Internet and Computer Graphic Design

We at create Internet and Computer graphic design art which enables businesses and individuals to take advantage of the vast platform provided by the Internet.


We provide an inexpensive advertising medium that gets results.


The artists at will design attractive and attention-grabbing graphics for your web site.


Every day around the world, companies like yours are establishing a presence on the Web.


From small one-man organizations to multinational corporations, businesses can benefit from exposure on this rapidly emerging medium.


With your own Web Site, your potential customers from across the globe can find out about your company.


Advertising on the World Wide Web costs a small fraction of the cost of conventional advertising, and with eye-catching graphics, it's much more fun, and interesting to view your website!



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Different ideas!



Any idea is a possibility!


We enjoy your comapny!


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