Thanks for viewing this page. A few people in the world we can't do without for their support during the hours spent developing and validating this work


Yardtech will do you a site to be proud of!

Shameless Plug

Well who else but my beautiful Partner, and my 2 beautiful dogs and friends for making this job enjoyable, and to all the people, who without knowing. That have helped me along the path to doing what I enjoy, and giving to me their valuable knowledge.


There are a few things in this world we can't do without.


One is Knowledge.


A great saying of mine is "You can't keep it if you don't give it away" and this implies to what you have learnt over the years, if you don't keep sharing your knowledge, it will go for good!


Try to be nice to someone today, it works wonders.


This looks like me!


yard tech

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